After the workshop with Cat


After the workshop with Cat Shanahan

Upcycled Furniture Techniques Masterclass

I get lots of questions about workshops, I forget that people would have questions about them. But I thought I would do a series of people who have attended the workshop and how they found it! So its straight from people who have attended. I do workshops all over Ireland. This blog is about the experience of Cat who attended the workshop in Glor in Ennis. Wait until you see what she did on the day.

Cat attended the Ennis workshop. She kindly helped me unload everything into the studio, Thanks Cat! She cleverly used the moulding on locker and turned it into a featured rainbow! Legend

What made you decide to sign up for the workshop?
I used to upcycle when I was younger, my mum gave me free reign in my bedroom. The walls/ceiling/door/furniture have seen many layers of colourful paint & murals! There wasn’t much variety in paints and I don’t remember ever sanding or priming anything just layering . I wanted to know how to do it right so I went to the best!

up cycled locker The locker that Cat completed at the workshop at home in her daughters bedroom

Did you need to bring anything?
Zilch. Joanne provided everything needed from the best paints, tools, furniture, aprons and bottled water to a big box of jellies to keep the giddy high going!!

Had you ever painted furniture before?
I’d painted a lot through the years but just winged it and items regularly chipped so it was time to stop wasting my time and do it properly!

What was your favourite thing about the day?
The craic! The fun way the workshop was carried out allowed everyone to feel at ease. There was banter and everyone could go from table to table and observe and try all the different skills while still completing their chosen piece. Loads of advice offered and encouragement given so I think we all went out of our comfort zones and got very brave and creative. As a result the finished pieces are unique and amazing..if I do say so myself 😁

Would you be able to paint furniture by yourself after the workshop?
Absolutely. I don’t wing it anymore! I know what to look for when sourcing pieces. How to prepare them properly and the best paints to use as well as the correct finishes to make sure my hard work lasts.


Cats completed locker, so clever with the rainbow placement 

Would you tackle a piece of furniture by yourself after the workshop?
Definitely. And I have done. I’m tackling the whole house piece by piece and room by room! I’ve rediscovered my love of upcycling with the help of the workshop. Bringing lots of sad furniture back to life over here!

Did you think the workshop was value for money?
Yes. You get to chose a decent piece of furniture, make it your own and keep it. You get fed and watered. There is get access to all the best paints and products as recommended by Joanne and she never recommends anything unless she’s put it through the ringer first, so you know they’re good!! And you get to pick her brain which is the most entertaining part, she is a wealth of knowledge and experience and had us all laughing in the process. The whole day was simply happy and quiet therapeutic!

Would you recommend it to your friends?
I sure would. And I have done to all my friends and family. Joanne makes the workshop fun while being a great teacher.

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Next Workshop in Ennis is July 13th



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