After the workshop with Karen


After the Workshop with Karen from Fabricate Ireland 

Upcycled Furniture Masterclass

Karen has a gorgeous studio in Clonlara, just outside Limerick City. She create the most beautiful lampshade with detailed machine embroidery and has a fabulous eye for colour and pattern. I got so excited every time Karen tagged me on instagram showing all the work she completed after! She created some beautiful fun pieces to go with her beautiful lampshades in her studio. She attended my Upcycled Furniture Masterclass and this is what she thought….
 After the workshop with Karen

What made you decide to sign up for the workshop?

I love to attend workshops,  they are a creative release & a fun day out.  You learn a variety of crafts and skills, I had also seen your workshops on Facebook & knew that it was something I would love to try.

Did you need to bring anything?

No all supplies where included, I think you should advertise more that your furniture piece is included in the overall price. I was surprised on the variety of pieces of furniture that are included in the price.

Did you ever painted furniture before?

No never done furniture had tried the chalk paint on my kitchen but hated it, the finish was so unprofessional & the hype about Chalk paint is over rated, had to repaint the whole kitchen as it was so uneven and blotchy and looked really messy.

What was your favourite thing about the day?

Really loved the workshop, the craic was mighty, lovely bunch of ladies,it was a really relaxed environment and a hands on approach. Joanne was fantastic and gave every one on one time and asked us what we would like to do with the furniture, so the project was our own. We got to see a lot of techniques from gold gliding, gold leaf, stencilling, wallpaper on furniture…. I absolutely loved the whole day. Everyone came out with a totally unique piece of furniture

Would you tackle a piece of furniture by yourself after the workshop?

Absolutely, Joanne gave me the confidence to try other projects,
Upcycled Furniture Workshop

Have you painted anything since the Workshop?

I absolutely had a mind exploding experience and have  painted 4 or 5 projects since Joanne’s workshop. I have been updating my craft studio so I have painted some tables for display, a buttons & thread storage drawer, a wall display for my kids crafts and I have made an upcycle upholstered chair. There is a list of things that I want to try…. just not enough hours in the day. 🙂

Karen combined her machine embroidery and upholstery skills along with her new painted furniture skills and has been creating some smashing pieces. This chair she sold very quickly!! 

Did you think the workshop was value for money?

Absolutely, we had use of all of Joanne’s supplies, she provided us with valuable details and techniques to be capable of tackling a project on our own.

Would you recommend it to your friends?

Definitely & cant wait to do more workshops with Joanne.
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