Best brushes for painting furniture


Best Brushes for painting furniture 


If you have ever been to a workshop of mine, you know I always go on about my favourite products I use. Not because I sell them (because I don’t) but because they are tried and tested over and over again. Sometimes I change my mind about what I prefer but one thing is for sure I have never changed my mind about Harris Brushes.

In my home town I can only get the basic set of Harris Brushes, which I LOVE. They are the set of 5 Harris Platinum Brush Set  which I always have, there is no project you can’t paint with these bad boys. They wash brilliantly and your not left picking out the bristles. Once you hit the cities and those larger hardware stores you can pick up some really fabulous brushes by Harris that make life a little easier.

Does the type of brush you use even matter?

Oh guys its so important! A good brush will make it easier to work and will determine how your finish is, so a good brush is one of the most important things I can think of! A good quality paint and a good brush are the perfect marriage to painting furniture and really make the job so much more enjoyable. A rougher more bristly brush can leave really large brush strokes and there is nothing worst than picking out those bristles. I have never had a problem with Harris Brushes and I have been testing lots of there tools lately. First up is the Harris Upcycle Kit. 

Upcycle Kit by Harris Brushes

Upcycle Kit by Harris Brushes This was my favourite product test ever! I must admit when I saw the kit I wondered would these brushes beat my good old reliables. They went through their paces and I really put them to the test. Grabbing them for painting any difficult areas, tried them for priming, painting, tired them on flat surfaces, round and I found the more I painted the more I grabbed them unknowingly and thats when I can tell if I love a product or not! The round headed brush is a real nice brush to use and gets in to those detailed areas. The flat brushes were my favourite, they really make a difference on the finish I think. The kit also comes with 2 sanding block and a little guide. You can also buy these brushes separately.


3 things I loved the most

  • Easy control: With the flat brushes with were really easy to control. They don’t overload with paint, and applying a bit of pressure to the brush can give a really smooth finish.
  • Lightweight: If your like me and your basically painting all day long, brushes can get heavy in your hands and at the end of the day you fell like your painting with a brick, but these ones were so light. The 1 inch, 25mm flat brush was also great for getting a sharp line when painting shapes.
  • Awkward Areas: Sometimes painting spools on chairs can break your heart, or those frames with awards corners but the 25mm round tackled these areas with ease.

Harris Brushes 3 top things


Disclaimer: This blog post was sponsored by Harris Brushes and I am the Harris Brushes Blogger Ambassador. I have used Harris brushes since I started my business 7 years ago and I will continue to use them as they are my favourite brushes.


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