Furniture Crush

12 colour popping painted furniture projects

Furniture Crush

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Where do you start when painting furniture? What kind of tools do you need? Does an old piece of furniture have any potential?


This book is going to show you incredible ways of transforming furniture you may have even thrown away and making you fall in love with the process using some basic tools (no fancy business) to make it unrecognisable. There are lots of practical and helpful tips and tricks along the way to give you the confidence to tackle those pieces in your home you don’t know what to do with, bringing in your own style and décor.


Don’t waste your time guessing and painting with your fingers crossed. Painting furniture is so enjoyable if you take the stress away. All you need is a little know-how to make sure you transform your furniture the correct way so it’s durable for everyday life and have lots of fun in the process.


Furniture Crushwill take the guessing out of painting furniture and help you create a home that you will love!