Crafty Hen Party!



Crafty Hen Party!

I love workshops, I love a crafty party and I love a theme! I was so excited when I was organising this workshop! We had our first Crafty Hen party last year and it was so much FUN! It was organised by her sister who wanted to make it a crafty hen party for her craft loving sister. All the fabulous ladies were so enthusiastic and fun the whole day. They painted, made lampshades, drank prosecco from the pimp my prosecco station, took to the Photo Booth and enjoyed afternoon tea, biscuit cake, jellies and macarons! Best Part they got to bring the lamps home as a reminder of the day!

Prosecco Station Crafty Hen Party


The room set up for the workshop.


Getting Crafty

crafty hen party

Everyone got really stuck into the task of creating their lamp. The ladies choose a paint colour of there choice and picked fabric to make the shades. I love how the same item can look so different with everyones personality shining through. I had great the help of my sister Grace throughout the day.

Photo Booth crafty hen night

Grace was at hand to take photos of the girls at the Photo Booth.

Bride to be Andrea 

The beautiful bride to be Andrea, she got everyone to sign the end of her lampshade as a memory of the day! (what an amazing idea)

Finished Lamps crafty hen party The ladies delighted with there lamps! Thanks so much Andrea, Zara and co for making Kyle Lane's first Hen night a roaring success!



The aftermath and clean up. Grace was a great help for the day but when it came to the clean up she had to “suddenly” dash off to do something very important!


If you would like to book a crafty hen party , contacted us through our contact page below.


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