Creative Biz Workshop


Creative Business Workshop

This workshop is for someone who has recently or just starting a small creative business. It will be a full day engaging workshop broken down into sessions with valuable information. If you are stuck, overwhelmed and not sure who to ask or where to turn for creative business info this workshop is for you. If your ready to level up and take your creative business seriously this workshop is for you. Are you a maker, creator or furniture painter this workshop is for you!

There will be sessions throughout the day that include:

  • Business Must do’s
  • Lets Talk money
  • How to price your work
  • Setting Goals
  • Social Media
  • Approaching Stockists
  • Getting Noticed
  • Photographing your work

You will receive a notebook that will be especially formatted for the day to keep you on track after the workshop.

Lunch is provided

This workshop will be held in Block T studios, 8 Basin View, Dublin 8

Sunday 30th June


Price €155


Disclaimer: On booking this workshop, you will be given advice and suggested practices, but Kyle Lane/Joanne Condon will not accept any responsibility for how the attendee uses the information provided on the day. The attendee has sole responsibility for their own business and outcomes of any actions they take.