DIY Re purposed florist tray


DIY Repurposed florist tray tutorial

I luckily had pulled in just beside Tina’s Florist in Clonmel, when she showed me this florist tray and said I could have it, now I didn’t know what I needed it for, I just knew I wanted it!! After a few minutes of twisting it all around the place, I thought it would make a cool notice board as the wire mesh could act as a grip for mini pegs!! So I went for it! If you are lucky enough to find a sound florist they may well give you one of these trays and you can follow my tutorial below!

BEFORE before

Materials Required

  • A sound florist to give you an old tray.
  • A fine blade saw.
  • Large hooks and screws for hanging.
  • Sugar soap and a cloth
  • Sanding block
  • Undercoat and satinwood paint in white
  • Accessories like bakers twine mini pegs etc.




  • I decided to cut back the 4 corners of the tray as they were jutting out too much for my liking.
  • I gave the whole piece a good clean with sugar soap and a light sand with the sanding block. Paying closer attention to the corner areas I cut back.
  • Undercoated the whole piece front and back and the wire, making sure to don’t let the undercoat dribble on the wire mesh. Repeat the coat when it’s fully dry


  • Paint the whole piece twice, making sure you leave dry in between each coat in any colour you wish, I just used  colortrend milk teeth an off white to make my accessories pop.
  • Attach 3 hooks on the back with screws for hanging.
  • screws
  • Pretty it up with all you accessories (this was my favourite part)


I used bakers twine and cool mini pegs I found in guiney’s a little jar was only €1.50 and the perfect size to fit in the mesh.

close up peg insta

And VOLIA ……


finished project







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