DIY vintage plate table numbers


DIY wedding table numbers

DIY Vintage table numbers 

I love this project! One of my favourite customers was looking for something different for her wedding and her theme was full of vintage gorgeousness. She might be more obsessed with vintage china than I am!! So when she came to me for some different ideas for her wedding I was more than happy to help. This tutorial is super easy. Some of these plates I bought at markets for €20-€25 but you may be able to pick them up cheaper at car boot sales and charity shops if you had plenty time to source some! I picked ones up before in a charity shop for a little as €5, but the nicer larger ones are a little more expensive.

Materials Required

  • Black Sharpie duo maker
  • Gold Sharpie Marker
  • Old vintage Plates
  • Your oven plate materials


1.Firstly clean your plates well and make sure they are fully dry.

Tip: draw the outline of the plate on a piece of paper and do a trial run of what you like on your plate, it also gives you an idea of where to place your font.

2.With the gold marker, draw your number on the plate and fill in the thicker areas. This following example is a plate just using the gold sharpie.

before platedrawing gold 4

table number 4 gold

Draw your message with the thinner end of the sharpie marker.

thin line plate

Fill in the thicker areas with the larger end of the sharpie marker.

next step plate

To add a hint of gold, I did a drop shadow using the gold sharpie marker.

adding gold

finished table number

Once your have your design drawn on your plate leave it aside to fully dry for 72 hours.

Once dry place in an oven while it’s cold and put at 200 degrees celsius for 30-35 minutes, and when you turn your oven off leave the plate in the oven to cool down, this is to prevent any cracking.

These can be washed in hot soapy water, but do not leave to soak, or scrub with any abrasive as it may remove your design!








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