Floor Lamp Workshop


Floor Lamp Workshop.


Last Sunday in Kyle Lane was our Floor Lamp workshop. One of the hardest things I think to find are a nice lampshade, but ever harder is a nice floor lamp to match a nice shade. We started at 11am and got straight into picking fabrics and paint colours which is my favourite part of any workshop. I went through how to prep and prepare any piece of timber furniture that you want to paint, along with some information about the different types of paint to use and my preferences and lots of tips and tricks and the group took off painting their stands.

floor lamp workshop

Don’t be Shady 

Once we had those all completed everyone made the shade. I love when making a lampshade you can pick any farbic you want in any pattern. Lampshades that are easily available today are usually just plain and boring, but to make your own in whatever farbic and colours you want to match your decor gives us endless possibilities.

making lampshades

Mid way through we enjoyed some afternoon tea , with cupcakes, brownies and sandwiches!

afternoon tea



Floor Lamp Workshop

How amazing do they look completed. They come complete with an inline foot switch to turn the lamp off and on! How great would it feel to come into a workshop with nothing and to walk out with your very own bespoke Floor Lamp!


floor lamp workshop

finished floor lamps


I love at the Kyle Lane workshops how chatty and friendly everyone is. Most of the time at the workshops people come by themselves but don’t ever worry, you will never feel like your on your own.


We do not hold these Floor Lamp workshops regularly, so make sure you sign up to the next one on Novemeber 12th 2017 CLICK HERE TO BOOK

floor lamp

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