Fund it Furniture Crush


Fund it Furniture Crush

As you may well know I have been busy campaigning for my crowdfunding to release my book Furniture Crush. A book on everything to you need to know about painting furniture. It is nerve-racking and exciting all wrapped up into one big knot!

I wanted to release this book to help people see the potential in their own homes with what they already have! I have been teaching my workshops for over a year now and I get so exciting seeing other people get excited about painting, seeing their confidence grow once they have the know how! Throughout the workshop’s I am an open book and love answering questions throughout the day! I am also not trying to sell any product (as I don’t sell paint) so every product that I describe is a product that I believe to be the best value overall and through my years of experience of testing it and I do love testing products! So this book is to share all my knowledge through easy to follow steps on painting furniture, in all different kinds of ways and to give more people the confidence to roll up them sleeves and give it a go!

If already love painting furniture, this book will teach you some tricks to make your life easier, If you have started painting it will teach you the skills to gain confidence and teach you techniques to make you enjoy it even more, and if you think you can do it but haven’t started this book will give you the know how to go for it and tackle it yourself by passing all the common mistakes, then this book is for you!!

Furniture Crush.My book will take you through everything you need to know like:

  • What paints to use
  • How to prepare
  • Where to source old furniture
  • Tips on what to look out for and what should you leave behind
  • Planning tips to inspire what style and look to go for!
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to paint furniture properly
  • 12 projects on 12 different techniques like: distressing, using gold leaf, the ombre effect, spraying, colour blocking, how to create the geometric look, easy ways to transfer font, applying wallpaper, how to add any handles to your furniture no matter what the fittings and many ,many more!

fund it furniture crush

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Fund it Campaign 

My target for my campaign is €12,000 to help me print a beautiful quality hardback book, filled with colourful photography , I have an amazing photographer lined up for this and her beautiful photographs would give you goose bumps! I can’t wait to start that process!

I am crowdfunding through and its such a great way to get behind and back a project , there are so many different rewards for pledging for my Book Furniture Crush!

Fund it Rewards

Fund it Rewards

If you want to read about one of our previous painted furniture workshops  please click the image below

Upcycled Chair Workshop

We have moved to a new premises. No.17 Upper Irishtown, Clonmel, and we have lots more space!!! For these,Fund it campaign workshops I’m pulling out all the spots! We have some amazing sponsors for people who will attend the workshops. We have Colourtrend Paints sponsoring the paint for the workshops and some paint for the swag bags, we have Kelly Lou Cakes sponsoring some sweet treats , Made of Sundays will be sponsoring some of the workshops, Fieldmaster  and I’m working on some more sponsors to make these swag bags amazing!

For the 1st 100 pledgers, I am including a little pocket book on 10 DIYs to transform your home.There are only a few left, so now would be the time to nab it!

So if you are as excited as I am and would like to Fund this Fund it campaign , please click the button below !!

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