Furniture Painting Consultation

 Furniture Painting Consultation

Furniture Painting Consultation


Do you have plenty of furniture to paint or have you just got your hands on a beautiful piece to paint and you have no idea where to start?

You have being planning to paint that piece for about 6 months and you get overwhelmed with ideas and

you wish someone would just tell you what to do so you could get it done already!

Whats the best paint to use?

Do you need to prime it?

How much should you sand it?

What colours are you suppose to pick?

Will it match my room?

You just can’t visualise it done.


This takes all the fun out of the project and you don’t know where to start. There are so many ways of painting. Some are telling you don’t need to prime, some are telling you that you need to. Some are selling the paint so your not sure is it advice or a sales pitch and you don’t know who to listen to! I don’t sell paint because Im always on the look out for the best products to use. I have been painting furniture for over 10 years. For about 6 of those I painted every single day, no joke. I have come across every single problem under the sun. I have seen it all. I can help take the overwhelm away and let you go wild and have actual fun when you are painting your piece. Colour is the most important thing and if you want to get last and have your piece done correctly you might as well get it right the first time!

Whats Involved in this consultation?

1.Book your consultation spot.

2.You send me pictures of the pieces you want to paint (2 pieces)

3.You send me a picture of the room they are going into (name of paint colours and brand on the walls) and a description of the style you love!

4.In 5 working days your very own personal plan will be sent you you, with

  • A list of materials to get with tips on the best places to purchase them at the best prices.
  • 3 different colour ways/ideas for each piece that will work for your pieces with colour choices.
  • A detailed plan of what you need to do, explaining for you clearly step by step!
  • Some tips and tricks that will help you along your journey!

How Do I Book?

This service only opens its doors once a month for two days! Each Month it will open on the 12th of that Month.

OPEN January 12th

Price €45




Furniture Painting Consultation