Hall Redecorate Project


Hall Redecorate



I was doing my usual scrolling through Pinterest and I looked at my inspiration board and looked at my house and realized, my house was not what I wanted it to be! After moving in 6 years ago, and at the time the pressure of starting a new job, getting married and trying to move and finish off our new home, all in 3 months, it got the best of me and my end aim was to just finish. I was a big fan of cream back then and it just seemed the easy option to go with cream on everything. But over time my style has changed , I not have shifted from the shabby chic look and wanted a more fresh look  and pops of all the colours I loved.


I decided to start with my front hall, it’s the first thing I notice on the mornings, as mid-way down the stairs I start to wake up. That cream door looking at me and those blue walls (never happy with the shade) and just no personality. So I decided I would paint my all time favorite colour on the door Island Breeze 0693 from Colourtrend in satin. I primed it with the best primer you can get Colourtrend Epoxy 1. If you follow me on snap chat you know that this was a big surprise for my husband.

before and after door blog

I also painted the fisherman’s light in the same colour as the door , remember satin paint is not only for wood it’s also for metal.

painted light

I opted for a fresh colour on the walls to brighten it up, and I went for colour trends Milk Teeth (historical collection) and Milk Teeth satin for the skirting boards. That part of the hall is always dull so again with my Epoxy Primer I primed the PVC window frames, coat of undercoat and back in again with the Colourtrend Milk Teeth satin.

The Plant stand was a stool I found in a charity shop for €3.Painted the top in Colour Trends Milk Teeth and the legs are painted in Colour trends Wildflower Boutique.

Upcycling Beforeplant stand after

I bought the Pot in Tk Maxx for €8 and the plant in Woodies for €9.99. I also purchased the coat rack in Tk Maxx , it was a bit too long so I cut off one arrow.

coat rack

I had searched for wallpaper with gold polka dots, and found a site in America which had the exact wall paper in my head but for a €250 a roll I decided on an alternative. My sister, Grace had done up her little girls room and got these beautiful wall decals from a website http://www.madeofsundays.com I follow them on Instagram (click here) and ordered a few sheets for the front door area. They are €14 a sheet and come in all different colours.  When they arrived I was so happy with them. I took a little time to plan the spacing out, and once I had each dot measured, they were so easy to put up! I think that these decals really made my Hall Redecorate Project. So many people have asked me about these decals, so Made of Sundays are definitely worth checking out , they have lots more decals and posters!

 Painted Door

Any questions please leave a comment below and I can do my best to answer them for you



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