Kyle Lane Demo evening


Demo evening


Kyle Lane’s First Demo Evening

Last Night we had our first demonstration evening here at Kyle Lane. This was one of the rewards we offered for out Fund It Campaign. Im still working on the book, it is  far more work than I could have ever organised for and Im adding more in! But its so much more that I could have ever imagined so Im really excited! The minute I have a confirmed launch date, I will have it blasted all over social media , so you won’t miss it!

I went through as much as I could about everything I know about painting furniture! From sourcing and what to look out for. The most important stage of prepping and preparing surfaces , to what paints I use and why! I think everyone is shocked as they presume I only use chalk paint and I don’t at all EVER! No matter what the brand is and I have tried them all! I went though all the tools I use and where to get them , plus all the products I use to create all those different techniques while I was doing the demonstrations!


We talked all things painted furniture late into the night. I love answering questions and I was so delighted there was so many! We had the best chats about all the things to change in our homes, from painting fireplaces to colours! I even got an on the spot technique challenge which of course I passed!


Goodie Bags

swag bag

Goodies bags were on everyone’s chair as they arrived in with a little note book to take down notes from the evening! We really had some amazing sponsors like Irish Country Magazine, Our Local hardware shop Bob Fitzgerald sponsored brushes , Colourtrend Paints for sponsoring paint pots, Made of Sundays sponsored some wall decals, yummy Chia Bia seeds and chocolaty goodness from Lily O’ Brien’s Chocolates and the Lovely Kelly Lou Cakes sponsored the tastiest cookies ever to be had! Thank you so much to all the amazing sponsors for the evening!


Kelly Lou Cakes

Kelly Lou Cakes Cookie

Lily O'Brien's

Lily O’Brien’s Crispy Heart


Of course there was plenty of tea and coffee. We had fab sandwiches from our even more fabulous neighbours The Town Deli.


I hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did!!



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