Kyle Lanes Upcycled Chair Candy Workshop


Kyle Lanes Upcycled Chair Candy Workshop

I’m sooooooooo excited for these workshops!! I’m not holding back! 2 workshop dates, 1st Workshop is Sunday the 6th of September and 2nd workshop is Sunday the 13th of September

Kyle Lane Workshop What will you learn?

Learn tips on sourcing pieces of furniture.

How to prepare a piece of furniture properly step x step

How to paint a piece of Furniture properly!

Light Upholstery session on how to cover a seat pad for your chair


How to session aging technique


And Much, Much More


What will I get for my €125 ? 

Starter pack

A Kyle Lane Starter Pack to help you get started on your new painted furniture obsession!!!


At home guide

An At Home Guide, so that you don’t have to try and think back to the day of the workshop in 6 months. The content of the day will be all in this booklet for you so that you can easily remember each step!

You get to bring home the chair that you worked on throughout the workshop to give your home its very own piece of Eye Candy!

I will have a Candy Bar that you can nibble on throughout the day, A light Lunch will be provided

It’s gonna be soooo Much FUN!



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