Laundry Room Makeover Part One


Laundry Room Makeover Part One

My laundry room was the last room on my mind. But it is the biggest stresser at home because lets face it clothes can manage to make a place look really messy in 2.5 seconds.I like to think about what I want in a room and sometimes I have no idea what I want to do an like taking it step by step and then all of a sudden its done and comes together. I feel that the laundry room was something I could go a little wild, not that I am in any way ‘safe’ with the rest of my decor. I wanted to do something a little different and of course be colourful and FUN (why else would I do it)

laundry before
This room isn’t a functional l room really. Its basic and the laundry only has a small factor in me totally hating it. There is pipes exposed since we moved in 8 years ago but with me and my husband being both self employed, we just didn’t have the time to be worrying about it and gone are the days when visitors come through the back door.  I wanted to have a feature wall that was fun and when I walked into the laundry room that I might stay longer than two minutes.
On instagram stories I put up an idea in my head I have it saved in my highlights.

On walls I used the Harris Brushes Roller kit, anytime I am painting anything I do like to get a goof roller kit, the cheaper ones seem to last about 5 minutes before the roller comes off and would drove you mad but this Roller set is really sturdy and the little blue tight squeeze roller cleaner, blew my mind and made the clean up job so much easier! For some of the stencilling parts I also used the Harris mini roller set swell

Harris Roller set

I got some great paint colours in Colourtrend Paints . After painting the whole room in just white paint I moved onto the feature wall. I created the large circles with lid of a saucepan. I created the diagonal stripes with FrogTape.  I blocked out areas and sectors in FrogTape and made a stencil for the smaller dots. I places the stencil in the wall and rolled the paint over it and pulled it back straight away.

Laundry Room Feature Wall

Laundry Room This section is  over the washing machine. I hung a shelve from Ikea and added some personal touches. The plant pot is one I picked up In TK MAXX.

I have another bit of the laundry room done and Ill have it all completed by the end of the month so make sure you pop back for the big reveal of a fully functioning Laundry room. Managed to get myself 2 turquoise washing baskets this week which I’m delighted about.

This Blog post was sponsored by Harris Brushes as The Harris Brushes Blog Ambassador. #spon


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