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Best Workshop Award July 2018

July has flown by and I wanted to share with you the highlight of July for me!

Mollie Makes Awards

The month started off sooooo good, I was shortlisted for the Mollie Makes best workshop award, I could not believe it. The day I entered I did write in my diary that I was heading to London that day of the awards but couldn’t believe that came true. I was so excited and booked myself on a flight to London for the jam packed day of awards, activities and talks. It was one of the best days even though I think it was the hottest day in history ever, I managed to keep myself really calm. It was the very first time I had travelled on my own and I must admit I really loved it. Last year I would have been sick at the thoughts I would have to travel on my own but Ill all about getting myself out of my comfort zone this year. The event took place in The Dead Dolls House in Islington and walking into a bustling room full of people I have never met before was really scary. But Im never afraid of chatting so I got to talk to a few more creatives.

We went on a walk with In colourful company, to gorgeous colourful areas in Islington. Its such a great Idea, you need to check it out  CLICK HERE

in colourful company Incolourful company

I got chatting to so many people on that walk it was amazing, everyone had a little snippet of information and the chats were just easy flowing. I was really excited to see Leona, from The Lucky Dip Club 
, so mad to meet someone in person that you have been following on insta, and what a gem of person she is to talk to. Chatting to Leona and    from In colourful company and talking about the things they were up to made me want to move to London right there and then.



lucky dip

We heading back to the Dead Dolls House and cooled down in the heat. I got chatting to Emma May, from Emma May Stitching, she was in the same category as me and we instantly got chatting and I don’t think I left her side after that. We just clicked and were chatting all day, sharing ideas and ways we do things which is so great to get an insight of the differences and new things to try. Between panel talks and discussions my mind was spinning and I was just so excited about the whole day. After a gorgeous lunch and chatting to other creatives, we headed up for a Macrame Workshop with Pea and Needle. I loved this so much! It took me a while to get the hang of it. Next thing I knew I was up next to pitch.

emma may


I was so excited about it all that I forgot that I had to pitch my business and workshops to a panel at the end of the day. I was seriously 100% fine until I walked into the room and stood in front of the panel. What an amazing panel of judges, I was star struck and suddenly really nervous.  I couldn’t obviously bring any physical work to London with me and worried that it would be to my disadvantaged, but I prepared boards of images that would fit into my suitcase and made little pop ups to try and keep it interesting. I was talking but couldn’t really catch my breath. When I walked out of that room I thought I had blew it, but I was having such a good time I said I would enjoy the rest of the evening. They were announcing the winners I didn’t think for a second that I would win. But when they announced that I had one the Best workshop award I got really emotional. To be in a room with what I considered to be the best of the best in the creative world and after learning so much that day and just enjoying how friendly and chatty everyone was, It meant everything to me. Its like all the hard work over the years, working so hard on trying to make my workshops a valuable experience for people to attend was acknowledged. Sometimes you do wonder especially when your working by yourself most of the time are you mad or are you even making a difference. But for a magazine that has inspired me for years and years and to be something I have looked up to and found so many creative goodness,  to take a chance go to London and win was something I will never forget! Thank you to everyone I meet at the awards to the Mollie Makes Team!



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