Podcast with Catherine from Dainty Dress Diaries


Podcast with Catherine from Dainty Dress Diaries

Catherine Dainty Dress Diaries

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I was so excited to talk to Catherine form Dainty Dress Diaries for the second Furniture Crush Podcast. Catherine is my first podcast guest and we had great chats about, DIY, paint and all her favourite things. Catherine is an award winning blogger and her Instagram (CATHERINE’S INSTAGRAM HERE) feed is like something out of a magazine. Once I began following Catherine a few years back, I have been obsessed. She has her own you tube channel where you can see her do homeware hauls, DIYs, up-cycling and brings you with her as she travels around Ireland and the world. They are happy and fun and well worth a watch (CATHERINE’S YOUTUBE HERE)

We talked about all your favourite DIY projects her near miss disaster projects and how she managed to save her vegetables from being caught up in it all. She spoke about her love for blogging and how it all got started and her plans for future projects, How she says motivated and what drives her constantly.

Catherine’s Favourite Tea Cup

catherines favourite tea cup

Catherine talks about her favourite tea cup, where she got it and why it has sentimental value.


Pink Couch

The famous PINK couch

We talked about this couch that Catherine painted, Yes painted! Read about it on her blog HERE. (you should see the before you actually wont believe it.)  Catherine is so lovely and is the same person in her instagram stories and snaps as she is in person, she came to our furniture techniques workshop last year (watch it here) and we have something a little different planned, which I know is going to be so much fun and you will just LOVE it!

Show Notes:

Favourite Upcycled Item

7.00 Most difficult project

9.55 Blogging

15.00 Inspiration

23.00 Next project

28.00 Shabby Chic

31. Fun quick fire question round.



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