Top 5 Upcycling Problems



Top 5 Upcycling Problems 

Things to say goodbye to when you’re upcycling #upcyclingproblems

Top 5 Upcycling Problems

#upcycling problems


Here are my top 5 Upcycling problems I have endured since I opened my upcycled furniture shop Kyle Lane in 2011. But some of these problems can be related way, way back to my time spent in art college!


Talk to the hand!

That dreaded moment you hand money over to the shop assistant. She looks back at you in horror! You only then notice that your hands, your hands (as well as your clothes) are covered in paint! Now you know it’s totally fine because it’s all dried in! It’s just a bit of yesterday’s upcycling project’s paint that didn’t come off when washing your hands and team that up with some paint that you were using in the morning. Well, there is no point trying to explain that to the cashier. It’s too late now anyway you have been judged.

Goodbye, clean hands!

Top 5 Upcycling Problems

Talk to the hand





Fancy Pants Nails!

Oh, what it must be like to have beautifully manicured nails, with lovely, length that is just so fancy pants! Well, say goodbye to that! I tried it once, got myself some lovely gel nail extensions. Oh, I was so happy to see my hands look so girly and lush! Fast forward to a day later grabbing a locker in the workshop in the wrong way and breaking the nail as well as taking some of my own nail and flesh even. Laura from Glow Beauty in Clonmel has made do with my short stumpy nails as best she can. She has mastered the art of masking my stumpy nails into real pretty nails considering they can’t be 1mm long! You are some woman Laura!

Goodbye, fancy pants nails!

Top 5 Upcycling Problems

Nails by Laura Moloney at Glow Beauty, Clonmel


Painted streak in the hair

I hope to make this some sort of a trend. I may have my work cut out for me though. Again if I run up town to get supplies and wonder on the way back, why is everyone looking at me! You think I would learn! Just at about going home time,  I would be cleaning up my brushes,  I take a glimpse in the mirror to see a nice blue streak of paint smeared into the front of my hair! Epic Fail, and it’s happened more than once! I was in a hardware shop and the cashier asked me (looking closely with a concerned look on his face) ‘Is that paint in your eyebrow?’ … Yes….. yes, it is!

Goodbye,  hair envy!


Paint-less, point-less!

Say goodbye to owning a stitch of paint-less clothes. I often put on some new pants and say to myself ‘ I’ll just upholster today I won’t paint on these’ and it gets on there, believe me, it gets on there! How? I have no idea. I have an apron which has helped an awful lot but pants it’s just impossible, forget it! Even wore a few dresses and my legs will get paint on them and the more I try to be careful the more its splashes on there! When I meet my friends ………..wait when I meet anyone they say ‘oh gosh you got paint on your clothes’ at the start I pretended I was as surprised as they were, but now I just own it! My answer now is ‘ha ha, sure all the kids will be wearing them’ bad joke I know. Well, I’ve started using some neon paint so it’s just going to look cooler eventually!

Goodbye, wardrobe!

Top 5 Upcyling Problems

Painted clothes fashion trend 101



You need every paint colour known to mankind! Fact! 

So you might start off with some cream paint, then you venture out maybe try out beige or a mushroom shade. You get a bit braver and you start on a nice blue shade, then green. Well now, now you need to try a pink or an orange! Then you need all the colours in all the shades! Then you start mixing your own colours. You start trying out new brands of paint, in all their colour ranges! But I always tell myself you can never have enough paint! Or brushes for that matter!

Goodbye, paint storage control!


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