Inspirational Upcycled Furniture Ideas from Kyle Lane



Just to share with you, some of my past pieces to inspire you and give you some ideas for upcycled furniture  and its endless possibilities.

First up is upcycled armchairs, I love vibrant colourful fabrics and the more different the better. I think that finding a nice  comfortable chair is key, there is no point putting all that work in if no one will ever want to sit on it !!! Secondly really love your fabric! You are better off investing or spending a little extra in the fabric you have fallen in love with, but you can still find really nice fabric at a good price. Patchworking fabric is one of my favourite things to do, even though it takes a lot more time it’s always worth it and even if  you have some nice scraps from other projects you can save those for your patchwork upcycling projects.

Upcycled Furniture Ideas

Inspirational Upcycled Furniture Ideas- Upcycled Armchair

Upcycled ChairsUpcycled Chairs Next up is upcycled kitchen chairs. I love the idea of a different colour on each chair. You can do different pops of colour (Everyone will be drawn to their favourite colour!) or you can keep it subtle. One of my favourite sets of upcycled kitchen chairs was a set I did by  adding in tiny pops of neon pink paint! I love neon if it’s not overpowering!  (less is definitely more when it comes to neon) Adding in some funky fabric cushions can add a nice extra element to keep your kitchen interesting and show off your personality, don’t be shy!

Upcycled Kitchen Chair

Inspirational Upcycled Furniture ideas – Kitchen chairs

And lastly some ideas for you about hand-painted stools! you can never have enough stools, they can dress up any corner and come in handy when you have extra visitors.Stool GramStool Gram One thing I love about stools is that they are really a blank canvas you can transform them completely. You can paint a paint, stencil, stamp , add polka dots , the list goes on and on, but adding a little hand painted element really makes all the difference.

upcycled stool

Upcycled Furniture ideas stools


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