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After a few years of searching, I finally found the couch I have always wanted! I moved into my house 4 years ago now and bought an Ikea couch just to keep me going till I could spent time to find the right sofa! I have an open plan kitchen, dining room and living room so I wanted something different,  being obsessed about upcycling, of course, I wanted to upcycle a couch for my own home instead of having a new one, so here she is…..

Old Couch

Isn’t she so pretty. I love it even more when I sat down and tested it, under the cushions, the couch is sprung to add extra comfort. My next dilemma is what kind of fabric, what colour? should I go pattern or plain.  I wanted a punch of colour to hit you when you came into the kitchen after thinking and searching , settling on an idea and changing it again , browsing Pinterest looking for some inspiration and vintage home ideas I repeatedly came back to these images and finally decided to go with a teal/blue velvet fabric, like these

Couch 1couch 2

I love the way the timber work is painted in the second photo, so this is the kind of style I’m going for! I also have been collecting the amazing Nikki Mc Williams biscuit cushions, which I imagine being in a line along the couch, you can find her biscuit cushion collection here I love the quirkiness of these cushions and you can still enjoy a biscuit even when you are on a diet!

Nikki McWilliams

Of course now I also want to change the wall colour, so that’s another project , but the couch is first, I am going to start it at the end of the month and post my progress here !! so stay tuned (hopefully in between work and life ill have it all ready before Christmas!!



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