Upcycling Basket with Aldi


This is one of 5 upcycling projects using ALDI SUPERBUGS! #ad


A quick and easy basket update to complete in an afternoon.

I love a good wicker basket, whether its to hold toys, vegetables, or plants. Baskets can be a very veristle and useful. They are so easy to find in a charity shop and are as cheap as chips!

Materials Required

Old Basket (you can pick one up in a charity shop for €5-€10 euro)
Sliver Spray Paint ALDI SUPERBUY

Hoover out the old basket removing any dust that may have built up. Its better to use a brush attachment for this.

When the basket is completely clean, shake your can of Deco Sliver spray paint for a good 5 minutes to make sure all the paint mixed up in the can. Peal off  the seal and begin to spray.


When spraying make sure you a doing long lines across the basket, slightly overlapping the last line. Don’t spray the paint in one position for a long period of time as it will lead to the spray paint dribbling.

When spraying the handle turn the can to get into the awkward areas. Leave to fully dry. And apply a second coat to get any areas you missed or that may need more coverage.

pom poms

A glue gun is one of the handiest items to have in your tool box. Aldi Superbuys have a great one in stock at the moment and you can also stock up on glue sticks to keep you going  through the winter projects. To add a bit of colour and fun to the basket I had some wool pom poms. I heated up my glue gun and put a good dab of glue to the edge of the baskets underneath the handle, and attached the pom pom, holding it in place for about 30 seconds until the glue dries. I glued a few different colours in a row; Pop in your plant and viola


basket finished


Aldi BasketThis Blod post was sponsored by Aldi and is an ad #ad


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