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Work With Me 

Being in a creative business is a niche business to be in. Its extremely difficult to find the right help from someone who has been through it.

Getting advice from formal business advisors can be great but I always found it took so much time to try and twist that advice to benefit your own creative business. Sometimes you think they don’t understand you at all, they don’t get it and your heart sinks.

How do I know this? Because I have been through it, I have spend hours trying to make sense of business courses to fit my creative business and while some things work, others are like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I have been working on my business over 6 years, I am always looking at the best way to market, how to send my message clearly, how to best visually represent my brand and how to get the most out of my work. I constantly make goals, create an action plans to reach them.

Need Help with your new creative business or need to leverage your business further?

Take the guess work out and create an action plan to help you further your business.

Reduce overwhelm and create goals and are achievable to better you and your business.




What does this Include:

On booking you will receive a questionnaire about your business to enable Joanne to direct the call effectively.

A 40 Minute One on One coaching call with Joanne (to be scheduled)

A summary of what was discussed and an action plan to start working on! (please allow 5 working days for the summary)